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The symmedia Secure Service Connect (SSC) Tunnel client enables remote access to a defined endpoint on or behind the symmedia Edge Device (LAN2 / GREEN interface) in the context of a Service Case.

Endpoints can be any network connected machine component:

  • HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces)
  • PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • IPCs (Industry PCs)
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Gateways
  • Line controllers
  • Line PCs

In general, this term applies to connected hardware found in a TCP/IP network on the shopfloor.

With the Secure Service Connect (SSC) Tunnel, connections can be established and used from the local computer to the network components of the machine.

Currently available use cases include:

  • VNC (not webVNC) to an HMI if more features are required than the webVNC solution provides (e.g. file transfer)
  • SCP (z.b. WinSCP)
  • Tunneled access to a http web server
  • Use of TNCremo for remote connection to the Heidenhain PLC (e.g. TNC 640, TNC 530,...)
  • SSH (Secure Shell) to the Edge Device for analysis purposes, e.g. to query the network configuration or running Edge modules
  • RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) to a Windows HMI (Human Programmable Interface).


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