Release CW 18/24

Release date: May 2, 2024

Table of Contents

New Features

Internal Service Cases for Operator Tenants (Internal Maintenance)

Operator (available on request)

It is now possible to create Internal Service Cases in Operator tenants. This feature is available on request and adds two new user roles to the tenant which have the permission to create internal Service Cases: Operator - Internal Service Cases and Maintenance Engineer. All information attached to an internal Service Case stays within the tenant, i.e. no information is shared with the Service Provider of the machine. Every internal Service Case comes together with an internal chat room for communication, video conferencing etc., as well as the possibility for Maintenance Engineers to use Remote Access.

Internal Service Cases are displayed in the same views as Shared Service Cases, the user interface has been designed to clearly distinguish between both types for clarity. A pair of filter buttons allows focusing on the most relevant content at any time.

Internal Service Cases can be assigned to users holding the new Maintenance Engineer role. For a clear focus, Maintenance Engineers are provided with a new table showing all internal Service Cases they are responsible for.

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Revoke Asset Proposals

Service Provider

Asset proposals that have not been accepted by the customer (Customer Machine State = PROPOSED) can now be revoked from the customer machines overview. The proposal is deleted and the Customer Machine State will be set back to NEW.

New Asset Proposal Look&Feel including “Decline Proposal” Feature


The look and feel of the Asset Proposals has been changed with a better visibility of proposals on the Asset Overview. In addition, it is now possible to decline asset proposals if no collaboration with the Service Provider is wanted. It is mandatory to enter a declining reason.

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Improvements and Fixes

New Service Case Detail Page for Operators


The new design makes better use of the available screen space and has been improved for better overview and usability. The visibility of the closing report for closed Service Cases has been improved. Additionally, a direct link to the related asset detail page has been added to the user interface to improve navigation.

“Edit tunnel configuration” and “Delete tunnel configuration” are now available for Service Technicians

Service Provider

Service Technicians are supposed to be able to create, edit and delete tunnel configurations for an edge device/customer machine. The permissions for editing and deleting were missing and have been added.