symmedia SSH Subprocessors List (2022-6)

The symmedia SSH Subprocessor List identifies subprocessors authorized to subprocess customer data or personal data in the symmedia SSH. This list is applicable for the entire symmedia SSH platform governed by the SSH SaaS Agreement for which symmedia is a data processor.

This list identifies the subprocessors authorized to access both (i) customer data and personal data contained within symmedia SSH Services (referred to as “Customer Data” in the table below), as well as (ii) personal data other than that contained in Customer Data. This is limited to pseudonymous identifiers generated or collected by symmedia through the operation of SSH that do not directly identify persons, but which are nevertheless personal data under the GDPR (referred to as “Pseudonymous” in the table below).

Any such subprocessors will be permitted to process customer data or personal data only to deliver the services symmedia has retained them to provide, and they are prohibited from using such data for any other purpose. The list below may not apply to previews or other services not yet in general release.

Subprocessors who provide technologies or ancillary services to power or support symmedia SSH

The following subprocessors provide technologies used to deliver specific symmedia SSH services or providing ancillary services to help support, operate, and maintain the symmedia SSH. If you deploy or use one of the services below, the subprocessor(s) identified for that service may process, store, or otherwise access customer data or personal data in the course of helping to provide that service.


Service Provided / Supported

Corporate Location

Type od Data

Chat via Matrix

Video Conferencing via Jitsi


Customer Data