Secure Service Hub Public API


The Secure Service Hub GraphQL API empowers developers to interact with our services programmatically and to connect external tools like ERP, CRM or BI-system but also to integrate your third party application into the Secure Service Hub and share it with your Customers. The full API documentation is found here.

Supported Use Cases

symmedia offers various use cases for the Secure Service Hub public API. Please raise a Service Request if you need support. Standard Use Cases are:

Connection of ERP / CRM systems

See here.

Production Data

Production Data that has been collected from a machine e.g. via OPC-UA and stored in the SSH time series data base can be requested via production data queries. It is possible to request the original RAW data that has been collected from the machine or as aggregations (MIN, MAX, AVG) for dedicated intervals (e.g. 5 min, 1h, 1d).

See details here.

Integration of 3rd party Apps

3rd party applications can be integrated via iFrame and shared with linked tenants. The public API can be used to limit access to the content based on the users roles, permissions and scopes.


External tools like power BI or Grafana can be used to visualize the performance of your company e.g. related to customer management or Service KPIs. The Secure Service Hub public API provides the required data.

API testing

For testing purposes temporary API-Keys can be obtained that can be used for a limited time.


The symmedia SSH public API is using a dual authentication using a valid API Key and a valid Bearer Token (see also chapter “Authentication" here).

The platform offers various API-Keys depending on the use-case how the API should be used. An API-Key does not allow access to the full public API but to the queries and mutations that are relevant for the given context. Furthermore different API-Keys may have different restrictions when it comes to throughput or throttling. Every API-Key can only be used with your tenant and for the given Use-Case and needs to handled with care as it grants access to systems and data of your company.

Please contact us via Service Request to obtain your API-Keys.