User can't accept invitation


A new colleague is invited to the platform but cannot accept the invitation. The following error message appears after clicking on the invitation link.

The given email address does not match the address in the invitation. Please use the link from the invitation email with the appropriate email address.


The problem here lies in matching the e-mail address with the e-mail address stored in the Azure Active Directory.

In order for the user to authenticate correctly, we check the e-mail address from the login screen with the e-mail address stored in Azure.
If a different e-mail address or no e-mail address at all is stored in the Microsoft Active Directory, authentication is rejected.

Whether the correct address is stored can be checked in the Azure portal under the item "Azure AD B2C | User -> Users -> [Username]". The field that is mapped with the initial login address is called "Email". The login address (user's email) and the value under "Email" in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory must match.


MS Azure Active Directory


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