Tenant roles


We have different types of companies (tenants) that are participating on the platform. The users of these tenants have access to different features on the plattform. So for example an Operator is able to send Service Requests where as a Service Provider could receive Service Requests and provide service.
For the moment we will have the following tenant roles:

  • Basic
  • Service Provider

  • Operator

  • Edge Device Provisioner
  • Platform Operator (symmedia only)

  • To come: App Developer

Tenant Role: Basic

The Basic tenant role is automatically assigned to every tenant on the platform.

Tenant Role: Service Provider

Service Providers offer their services related to machines on the platform. Usually machine manufacturers or dedicated service companies are using the platform in the role of a Service Provider.

A tenant can have multiple tenant roles.


  • A Service Provider/Machine Manufacturer can operate machines of other Service Providers in their production.
  • An Operating company has an internal service organisation for 1st level support.
  • A Service Provider creates own applications and offers them on the platform.