Edge Devices

Main View

The Edge Devices module shows a list of all edge devices that are assigned to the current tenant:

  • Edge device ID
    • The unique device ID in the platform. Usually a combination of tenant shortname and edge device serial number.
  • Operator
    • If the edge device is linked to an asset, the respective operator tenant is displayed.
  • Service provider
    • if the edge device is linked to a customer machine the respective service provider tenant is displayed.
  • Device type
  • Serial number
  • IoT-Hub status
  • Provisioned by
  • Connection

List of available edge devices.

  • Sort the list by using the buttons in the top row.
  • Search for a certain term within a respective column using the filter button and typing something into the search field.

  • Click into a row to open the detail view with all information about the edge device.

Edge Device Detail View with File Transfer

Click on a row with an edge device to open the edge device detail view.

Endpoints for distributing files to the edge device via the SSH File Transfer can be entered here:

  • To create an endpoint on the selected edge device, click .

The dialogue for entering the endpoint name and address opens:

  • Enter a name for the endpoint.
  • Enter an URL for the endpoint. The URL can be either a written URL like https://symmedia.de or an IP address. The IP address also has to start with http:// or smb:// (like in the screenshot above).
  • Click .

Your new File Transfer endpoint was successfully created: