Image Update

Starting the Setup Cockpit in LAN

  • Connect the network cable to the LAN2 port.
  • Assign an IP address in the range 168.214.X/24 (e.g., on the PC.
  • In the browser, call up the setup cockpit via the address

  • Enter username "sym-tech" and password "sym-tech" plus serial number of the box, e.g.
    (without quotation marks), the checkbox "Reuse my password for privileged tasks." must be set.
  • Click on Log in.

The interface of the setup cockpit opens:

Check for new Updates and install Image

  • Click on Advanced Settings in the left hand menu.

Under the OS Management panel, you will be able to check for new updates. In case of the availability of a newer version , the version number is displayed.

  • Install the latest version by clicking on .
  • Confirm the download and installation by clicking .

Once the Installation is done, the device should reboot automatically.