Publish OPC UA Adapter for Customers


It is possible to gather production data from machines using OPC UA. Further protocols will follow in the future.

Secure Service Hub provides the Application OPC-UA Adapter for this purpose. You, as a Service Provider of a machine, are able to define the nodes where the data should be collected from and share this as a default configuration with your customers within the app installation. The retrieved data is stored in the Secure Service Hub in the context of your customer and can be requested by authorized users via our public API for further processing or visualization.


Create a Data Source Configuration

With the support of our consulting team, data source configurations can be created for your data models. These configurations are uploaded in the context of your tenant in the platform. Data source configurations contain the following relevant information:

  • Tenant (the tenant Id of the Service Provider)

  • Name (custom name of the data source config, e.g. to identify it when assigning it to machine models)

  • Description (custom description of the configuration)

  • Shared (should this configuration be shared with your customers or is it for internal use only, e.g. for R&D)

  • opcNodes (list of all nodes where the data should be collected from)

    • OpcSamplingInterval (Polling interval of the node  [ms]) - default = 1000ms)

    • OpcPublishingInterval (The interval on which the underlying OPC UA stack should publish the current value of the node [ms]) - default = 1000ms)

    • HeartbeatInterval (Feedback, that it is still connected (even if no change happened)  [s]) - default  = 3600s = 1h)

Assign OPC UA  Adapter App to Machine Model

The OPC UA Adapter can be assigned to your Machine Models. All customers with a connected Asset (Asset with paired Edge Device) using this Machine Model are then able to install the application for this dedicated Asset.

  • Navigate to menu entry Machine Models.

  • Click on the button of the respective Machine Model.

  • Select the OPC UA Adapter in the dropdown list of compatible applications.

Finalize your selection via .

Assign Data Source Configuration to Machine Model

After creating a Data Source Configuration for your tenant, it is possible to assign this configuration to a Machine Model.

  • Click on a Machine Model on the Machine Model Overview page and go to the Data Source Configuration Tab.
  • Select the data source configuration from the Datasource Configuration Name list.
  • Optional: you can enter a default endpoint of the OPC-UA Server (e.g. if it has a standard endpoint in the machine network)  under Datasource Endpoint.
    The endpoint can be overwritten by the customer within the App installation.

App Installation

Now it is possible for your customers to install the application for compatible machines (see App: OPC UA Adapter):