Secure Decommission of an Edge Device

If an Operator wants to disconnect the Edge Device from the cloud, he wants to make sure that no private and/or sensible data are stored on it anymore.

Thus the device is set back to the factory state and contains no more customer data.

Since the Operator can not decommission an Edge Device by himself, he has to advise the Service Provider to do it.

In order to decommission an Edge Device, it must be connected and online in the SSH platform.

  • In Customer Detail View, click on the ("Downgrade machine") button in the row containing the respective Edge Device.
  • Confirm the dialogue to decommission the Edge Device by clicking .

The Edge Device now receives a "factory reset" command and will reboot several times.

After approximately 7 minutes the Edge Device is available again and not assigned to the operator anymore.

 To ensure that no one can connect to the Operators network via the Edge Device, the Edge Device should be shut down and disconnected from the network.