Documents & Media

The Documents & Media module is an upload and download center for various types of media for the respective machines.

You can add new media or download existing media from the list.

Admitted document types include:

  • Text and PDF documents
  • Images
  • Videos

Upload of executables is not permitted.

  • Tab Machines: The document / media file is provided for a specific machine along with the following infos:
    • Customer
    • Asset
    • Media Name
    • Category
    • Language
    • Publication date

  • Tab Machine Models: The document / media file is provided for all customers who have a machine with this model along with the following infos:
    • Machine model
    • Media name
    • Media type
    • Category
    • Language
    • Publication date

List of available media files.

  • Sort the list by using the buttons in the top row.
  • Search for a certain term within a respective column using the filter button and typing something into the search field.

Add new media file by clicking the button.

A dialog for uploading new media files opens.

  1. Upload a media file from your device via (mandatory).
  2. Enter a media file name in field Label (optional). If no media name is entered, the file name will be displayed.
  3. Select a machine model from the dropdown list under Machine Model (mandatory).
  4. Select a category from the list under Category (optional).
    Available categories are: diagrams, handbooks, legal, monitoring, maintenance, manual, onboarding, repair, safety, specification, technical and miscellaneous.
  5. Select a media file language from the dropdown list unter Language (optional).
  6. Finish the input by clicking .

A summary of the entered data is now displayed.

If everything is correct:

  • Create the new media entry via.


  • Correct your input via .

The newly added media file is now available in the overview.

  • Download media file by clicking the  button in the respective row.
  • Delete an existing entry by clicking the  button in the respective row.