Service Cases

The Service Cases module shows all service cases that the service company is responsible for, along with the following infos:

  • Service case ID
  • Priority
  • State
  • Customer
  • Severity
  • Remote access
  • Created by
  • Assignee
  • Machine model
  • Created at (date)

Open service cases as well as closed service cases can be displayed.

  • Click on the dropdown box to display open / closed service cases.

List of available service cases.

  • Sort the list by using the buttons in the top row.
  • Search for a certain term within a respective column using the filter button and typing something into the search field.

  • Click into a row to open the service case detail view and correspondence.

  • Customize the displayed columns by clicking on .
    • Check the entries from the list of columns to be displayed in the overview.
    • Align the sequence of the entries by dragging & dropping the entries in your desired order.

The selections will be permanently stored for your user and can be reset to factory setting by clicking .

Detail View

Service case panel.

Shows the following inflos about the selected service case:

  • Description: Detailed information about the issue in the production company. The service provider can see what the problem is and how it affects the production.
  • State: Status of the service case. New, in progress and closed are the available entries.
  • Assignee: Choose an assignee from the list of available service technicians. you can also assign the service case to yourself or set the status to "unassigned".
  • Priority: A priority for the service case can be selected here. Trivial, low, medium, high and blocker are the available entries.
  • Severity: Information about how severe the service case impacts the production.
  • Watched / Unwatched: Click on this button to activate / deactivate notifications about the service case progress

Additional information:

  • Contact information of the production company and responsible operators.
  • Machine information (name and model).
  • Information about the operator that created the service case and publication date.
  • Information about remote access to the affected machine.

The information displayed corresponds to the additional input fields from the service case creation dialog. These can be configured individually per service provider tenant.

Inititalize service chat with operator.

  • Type messages into input field and click to send.
  • Start new whiteboard session or upload file to chat by clicking .

Service case history, shows all actions and changes that occured on this service case.