The Conferencing module is a multifunctional communication tool that allows users in different locations to hold real-time face-to-face meetings online. It has chatboard, Whiteboard and video conferencing functionalities. Participants can use these components to exchange texts, video, audio, and images in real time. In mobile applications, participation is possible with a cell phone, tablet or data glasses. All actions performed are stored "audit proof" in the history. It is always clear to see who did what and when (when was a comment made, when was a Whiteboard created, etc.)

Main View

  • Start a new conversation by clicking on the button.

You can choose your participants from the dropdown list and add them to a group.

  • Add a name for the group by typing it into the Name field.
  • Click .

Start a video conference by clicking on the button.

Hosting a video conference is described below.

Search for a conversation group by typing a search term into the field Search.

Type a text message to your conversation partner(s) into the Message field.

Start a new Whiteboard session or upload a new media file by clicking on the + button.Starting a new Whiteboard session is described below.

Displays name and participants of conversation group.

Shows uploaded media and Whiteboard of conversation.
Shows conversation history.

Chat Types

Service Case Chat

These chat rooms are always in the context of a service case. Each watcher of the service case is automatically part of the related chat room. Service case chats are the only possiblity to chat between users of different tenants e.g. between the machine operator of the operating company and the service technician of the service provider of the machine.

Group Chat

It is possible to chat with multiple users of the same tenant in group chats to share information or set up group calls.

Direct Chat 

Direct Chats are chats between two users of the same tenant.

It is only possible to communicate with users of other tenants in the context of the service case. Direct chats and group chats are only possible within the own company. This shall protect especially service provider users to be directly and personally contacted by their customers.

Video Conference

Main video conferencing menu

Leave meeting
Mute / unmute

Start / stop camera

Start / stop sharing your screen

Open chats and polls

Raise / lower your hands and add emojis

Show / invite participants

Toggle tile view

Secondary video conferencing menu
  • Settings menu for profile, moderation and devices
  • Invite people
  • Performance settings
  • View full screen
  • Security options
  • Start recording
  • Start live stream
  • Mute everyone
  • Disable everyone´s camera
  • Share video
  • Select background
  • Speaker stats
  • Settings
  • Settings menu for profile, moderation and devices
  • View shortcuts
  • Embed meeting

Connection quality monitorConnection and bandwidth information

Camera display optionsFlip camera or hide self view

Call duration and performance settings menuAdjust for performance high to low

Minimize call video screen to separate window
  • Click to minimize the full video screen to a movable small one.
  • Resize small window to full screen by clicking in the upper right corner.


  • Load file
  • Export file
  • Save Whiteboard as image
  • Choose colour
  • Enter colour hex code
  • Toggle light / dark mode

  • Choose shapes for drawing on Whiteboard
  • Add files to the Whiteboard via the file selection dialog button

  • Zoom
  • Undo / Redo
  • Erase

  • Choose language
  • Whiteboard help / shortcuts
Images can also be added via Drag&Drop.