Operator - Apps

The Apps module lists all apps provided by the Service Provider that are compatible with the respective assets.

A short description of the application and a version number are displayed and the app installation process for a machine can be called from here.

The following steps are exemplary shown for the Remote Access Tunnel Application. The required information within the installation wizard may differ for other applications.

Detail View / Installations

  • Click on the respective app panel to view the app specifics or install the app.

The app detail view opens:

The Installations tab shows if applications are already installed on a machine.

The Requirements tab shows the system requirements necessary to install the app on the edge device.

Click on to install the selected app on the edge device for the respective asset.

  • Select an asset from the dialogue.

  • Enter the ID number of the edge device.

  • Mark the checkboxes for the Terms of Use and the Privacy Agreement and click on to proceed.

A new entry appears in the Installations tab, with a new Installation Status: Installing. A green box at the bottom shows that the installation process was triggered successfully.

The installation is finished as soon as the Installation Status says Installed. The Application is now ready to use

  • Click on the button at the end of the row to edit the installation settings.