Operator - Assets

The Assets module shows all assets that are registered for the company (tenant) of the current user. The user has only access to assets and facilites according to his /wiki/spaces/SSHDS/pages/16909598721.

Main View

  • Click on search field and choose or type expressions to search / filter by search tags:

  • Click on Group by dropdown box in the upper right corner to group the list by facility, model, brand or technology:

Asset Proposal

  • Click on CHECK ASSET PROPOSAL in the upper right corner to view and add asset proposals to your selection:

To add the proposed asset to your list:

  • Mark the checkbox next to the asset you want to add.
  • Choose a facility.
  • Click .

The proposed asset was now added to your list of assets:

Assets Detail View

  • Click on an asset card to open the asset detail view:

The asset detail view shows the services cases, documents and applications modules in their own tabs.

  • Click to edit the asset details:

Here, you can edit the asset´s name, choose a facility from the dropdown list and assign a custom image to the asset.

  • Upload an image from your pc by clicking  .