App: OPC UA Adapter


It is possible to gather production data from machines using OPC UA. Further protocols will follow in the future. Secure Service Hub provides the Application OPC UA Adapter for this purpose. The data gathered from the machine is stored in the Secure Service Hub databases and only accessible for the own tenant. For this purpose, we have developed our public API. Data sharing (e.g with your Service Provider / Machine Manufacturer) is foreseen but not implemented yet. 

Required Permissions

  • ApplicationService.Application.Install
  • ApplicationService.Application.Overview

Dedicated User Role

  • Workshop Manager

App Installation 

  • Go to the Applications page and click on Installations on the OPC UA Adapter Application

I can not see the "OPC UA Adapter" Application? How can I proceed?

If an application is visible on the applications page or not is dependent on the models of your assets. The application needs to by assigned to a model and configured for this specific  model by the Service Provider of this Asset. Please contact your Service Provider. 

  1. Click on "Install". An Installation wizard opens.
  2. Select the Asset where you want to install the application. In this select box it is only possible to select Connected Assets (with a paired edge device) as an edge device is and a connection is mandatory. 
  3. On the next page, the Application is configured.
    • Buffer time: default 300s (leave at default if uncertain)
    • Device TimeZone override (leave empty if uncertain)
    • OPC UA Endpoint: The endpoint of the assets OPC UA server. If configured by your Service Provider, a default configuration will be shown here. Please check your machine documentation or contact your Service Provider
    • OPC UA Username & Password: (leave empty for anonymous authentication): If the OPC UA server is secured with Username/password please enter the values here. The default credentials are often found in the machines' manual.
    • Data Source Config Id*: The Data Source Configuration contains of the data points where data will be collected from and further configurations like sampling and pushing intervals. Usally this configuration should be preselected based on the configuration of your Service Provider. Please contact him if field is empty
  4. Finally click on install and the Application will be installed
  5. The installation is finished when the Installation Status is "Installed"
  6. The data collection will start immediately after the installation is finished

<<Link to Production data API page (to come)>>

Info for advanced users: It is also possible to manually copy and paste UUIDs of data source if another data source configuration than the default should be used (e.g. for R&D purposes).