Publish SSC Data Link Tunnel Extension for Customers


The SSC Data Link Tunnel is an upgrade to our existing tunnel connections, with more control and connectivity options. With this new feature, you can now remotely connect for example to TIA Portal controllers seamlessly and efficiently.

Please ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. Latest Edge Device Version: Your edge device must be updated to the latest version ( >= 24.05.0 ).

  2. Associated Application Installation: The SSC Data Link Tunnel Extension application must be installed on your edge device.

  3. Client with Extension: Installing the client with the Data Link extension is necessary to use the SSC Data Link Tunnel.

Assign SSC Data Link Tunnel Extension App to Machine Model

The SSC Data Link Extension App can be assigned to your Machine Models. All customers with a connected Asset (Asset with paired Edge Device) using this Machine Model are then able to install the application for this dedicated Asset.

  • Navigate to menu entry Machine Models.
  • Click on the button of the respective Machine Model.

  • Select the SSC Data Link Tunnel Extension in the dropdown list of compatible applications.

Finalize your selection via .

App Installation

Now it is possible for your customers to install the application for compatible machines (see App: SSC Data Link Tunnel Extension):