Operator - Internal Service Cases

It is possible to create Internal Service Cases in Operator tenants if the Tenant also has the Operator Internal Service tenant role.

This feature is available on request and adds two new user roles to the tenant which have the permission to create internal Service Cases:

  • Operator - internal Service Cases


  • Maintenance Engineer

All information attached to an internal Service Case stays within the tenant, i.e. no information is shared with the Service Provider of the machine. Every internal Service Case comes together with an internal chat room for communication, video conferencing etc., as well as with the possibility for Maintenance Engineers to use Remote Access.

Internal Service Cases are shown in the same views as Shared Service Cases, the user interface has been designed to clearly distinguish between both types for clarity. A pair of filter buttons allows focusing on the most relevant content at any time.

Internal Service Cases can be assigned to users holding the new Maintenance Engineer role.
For a clear focus, Maintenance Engineers are provided with a new table showing all internal Service Cases they are responsible for ("My Internal Service Cases").


After choosing to open a new Service Case, you can now choose if the Service Case should be

  • Internal


  • Shared

Internal Service Cases are marked with the label in the upper right corner.

It is dependent on your user roles and their respective scope, whether you have the permission to create either an internal or shared Service Case.

It is not possible to create a shared Service Case for an Asset that is not linked to a Service Provider (Tenant).

With the user role Maintenance Engineer, you will now find a new entry My Internal Service Cases in your left hand navigation menu, under which only your internal Service Cases are displayed.
  • Click INTERNAL / SHARED to display only internal / shared Service Cases in your list of Service Cases.

Internal Service Cases are marked with a colored border in your list of Service Cases.

Detail View

As a Maintenance Engineer, you can now edit the State of the Service Case (New, In Progress, Closed) and change the Assignee. The Service Case can be assigned to all users in the tenant with the role Maintenance Engineer.

Maintenance Engineers, Machine Operators and Workshop Managers are permitted to use the Remote Access functionality within an Internal Service Case.
With the Remote Access, they can establish a remote connection to the asset via a Secure Service Connect, SSC Data Link or VNC tunnel.

Your chat messages can not be accessed by people outside of your service organization.